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About us

About us

Almond Finance

Almond Finance, a private registered investment company in the UK, has a unique trading strategy that allows you to achieve financial independence in the shortest time possible. Cryptocurrency is a trillion-dollar market growing every day in value. That's why with professional trading, you can make profit on the money of the future.

Our online stage enables financial specialists to make stores and get profits from exchanging monetary standards on the Forex market and selling acknowledged stocks. Forex exchanging is a standout amongst other speculation alternatives which can guarantee a decent pay.

Profits from these investments are used to enhance our program and increase its stability for the long term.

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UK Certificate Of



Incorporated 30 September 2021

First statement 29 September 2022

First accounts 30 September 2022



Whats going on here


The Business

We provide secure money transfer services over the Bitcoin cryptocurrency network. There is a connection between you and your money, and our task is to keep this connection secret.


The Process

Our system requires dynamic funding in order to run effectively. Our investors' money improve the performance of our service.


The Result

We charge a fee for using the service. This enables us to work on developing our system and to pay out our investors their earnings.



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